Apr 21, 2005

Some useful scripts on SQL Server 2000

I have developed a few SQL Server scripts. Some of them are available via internet.
As some sites re-publish what others publish, there are other sites too give the same scripts.

Who Am I

This is not about a Hollywood film. It is about me!

Who am I?
  1. I am a Christian. I believe in the God Christianity teaches. It says about sinful nature of mankind and God became human to redeem mankind from the sinful nature. It also claims that every person can get salvation through having faith in the God who became man, Jesus.
  2. I am working as a database administrator in a software development company. My main roles are maintaining multiple SQL Server database servers and assisting the developers on the database layer of development. I am working specially in Query optimization, replication, data auditing and tuning of databases.
  3. I am for equality and non violence. I am for equality between sexes, ethnic groups and classes. I am totally against the use of violence by any party, especially for political gain.
  4. I am married and having a daughter. I dont have any ideas of having another one (I refer the wife)