Aug 9, 2012

SS SLUG August 2012 meetup is at Pearson Lanka

As most of you have noticed or even received invitation, this month's user group meeting is happening at a different place.  Pearson Lanka (formally known as eCollege) is hosting the meeting at their facility. yes it is where i am working.  (not only me, around eight other great DBAs including Dinesh Asanka MVP, Susantha Bathige too.)  

There are couple of reasons behind the location change.

  • It gives the users some access to companies where SQL Server is used
  • Companies like Pearson consider supporting user group meetings as part of their social responsibility
  • People living/working closer to these areas have better chance of participating

 Actually we were planning to have the first meeting outside our usual place (our usual place is Microsoft building) last month at Navantis, but we couldn't work it out within the short notice. But we are planning to have meetings at different places
Since the location is different, Pearson decided to support with transport facilities. There will be vans picking up people from WTC just before the meeting and drop them back. For those who like to go through Borella, there will be a van to drop them there too.

I will be speaking on Using Extended Events. it is one of the most enhanced feature and to be the framework for server monitoring.

There are lightning talks, with around 10 speakers.

As some of you would have noticed that there is a section at Hurry up and send your answers on or before 10th of August.
Pearson decided to give some gift to one of the best answers. I am not supposed to spell what the gift is.
Come to the meeting to see what happens.

Hope to see you there  :)