Sep 14, 2011

SQL Server OLEDB Deprecation

Few days back I sent a tweet update on this matter using my twitter account @preethi_1965
For those who want to hear more on this, here there are few things:

Microsoft has officially announced that they are moving away from OLEDB.

There could be a couple of reasons behind it.
  • SNAC OLEDB does not scale upt o the customer expectation
  • ODBC is industry standard and It supports cross platform. To meet the complex market and technology needs, Microsoft needs to Maintain ODBC anyway. 
  • Maintaining both OLEDB and ODBC at the same time providing new features is a difficult task.
  • Interestingly, Initially Microsoft pushed for OLEDB as it can give a better performance over ODBC.  However, especially in 64 bit platforms, OLEDB didn't takeover.  According to insiders, OLEDB takes shorter paths, less code and provides better performance.    
With that said, SQL Server "Denali" most probably be the last version OLEDB.  As Denali CTP 3 is not yet feature complete, I expect another 6 to 12 months for the RTM to be released. It gives us space of another seven to ten years to change the code which uses OLEDB.  Until then we are rightfully expect Microsoft to support OLEDB.

Just a note, OLEDB is shipped in two forms. SNC(SQL Server Native Client) and MSOLAP. Microsoft is deprecating only the SNC OLEDB. OLEDB for other platforms will be supported continually. SSIS, SSRS and SSAS clients need not to be panicked. Especially SSIS is heavily depending on OLEDB currently and until something else is developed and in place for few years, it will be supported.

I saw an interesting article on  Impact of the SQL Server OLE DB Deprecation on Analysis Services.
Please have a look.

Sep 8, 2011

Rename sa login to improve security

Whenever I speak about security, I tell that we should minimally use sa account. SQL server by default keep the sa account disabled.
In addition to this, we can restrict sysadmin rights to few people, and give only what is needed.

Recently I found out that you can even rename sa account. It is a better practice so that people will not even know what the sa account is.
Simply go to security and logins and select sa account in object explorer. Right click there and select “rename” option. You replace the sa name with the new name and you are done. All the database user accounts mapped to sa login and sa owned jobs and objects will work without any issues. This is because even though you have renamed the login name you are still using the same SID 0x01

This means, you have an additional security; earlier Brute force mechanism needs to get only the password of sa. (It already know that they have a user named sa and sa has sysadmin rights. ) Now needs to pass three different options. Finding a valid login name; getting the password; the login should sysadmin have access.

Sep 4, 2011

Tool Evaluation: uCertify PrepEngine for 70-432: SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance.

Recently I was asked to evaluate an exam tool. A tool developed for 70-432 exam: MSTS: Implementation and maintenance of SQL Server 2008.

Before talking about the tool, Let me introduce my readers to the tool itself. It is “uCertify PrepEngine” from The tool helps the user to learn and practice for the said exam before taking the actual exam. I know that they provide the preparation tool for various other exams too. 
To use the tool, you have two options: An evaluation version which gives limited usage. If you find it useful, (There is high possibility you may find it useful) you can upgrade it to a licensed edition.

Let me set this clear first: 100% money back guarantee and braindump free.
  • Ucertify supports 100% money back guarantee. In their own words, if you don’t get certified in the first attempt, fax them your score and we will return your money. As simple as that.
  • But it does not mean it is another collection of braindump. In fact, it is brain dump free. That means, you can learn the basics and sit for the exam and pass the exam without cheating. You can really be proud of your results.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Don't you want to download the evaluation version?