Jul 4, 2012

SQL Server Universe is online again

As some of you know SQLServerUniverse.com, the site managed by SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group was down for a couple of months.  Unfortunately, the crash was so serious, we have to rebuild it from almost scratch. Gogula (http://dbantics.wordpress.com Twitter @gogula) did an amazing job in that and the site is online now.

Right now the site does not have all the features. We are still in progress of making it.   The most fearful thing is we have lost all the recent activities. However, we have some of the backup material and I have confidence that we can upload most of the articles again. they were written by our Sri Lankan community leaders and its not that difficult to get it from them once again.

As you know this is a place of Sri Lankan professionals and enthusiasts to talk about SQL Server and related products and technologies, (and about confronting products and technologies too, at times) it is high time to register again to the site.

Please visit the site:  http://www.sqlserveruniverse.com

update @ 04 Jul-2012 11:00 am (+5:30):
Gogula told me that the user accounts are fully restored. YES.  He is working on uploading the contents again.