Apr 26, 2010

Cluster Installation

I am writing this after a long 2 months delay. While I do not try to justify the reasons, Some high priority things at office and issues in my computer kept me out of writing.

Last couple of months we were trying to create a clustered environment.  Generally, when it comes to clustering, we get into additional cost.

This was my idea.  we need two servers clustered (windows) in active-active topology.  Then we need install one instance in as active in Server A and passive in Server B. Then similarly, we can install another instance active in server B and passive in Server A.  By using this, we create a fail-over cluster while utilizing the passive server for another SQL Server installation.

Initially, our proposal was not well taken. I was told that that is simply not possible in Windows 2008 cluster. I have seen similar configuration in Windows 2003.  So I was pushing hard.  Finally the hardware vendors tried on their own and created a test server.  Yes it worked.   Now we are setting up clustered environment, while 100% utilizing the processing power of the server.
The key is to create the shared disks properly.  If that is done, you are almost done.

Interesting?  If you want to know more,  drop me a mail.  I'll send the details.