Feb 13, 2008

Moving to the new company

Finally one of the long awaited move is happening. eCollege has its branch in Sri Lanka now. I am leaving the current company (virtusa) and joining eCollege as a Database Lead. Still there is some confusion whether my designation should be Lead - Database Administration, Lead - Database Technologies or simply as Database Lead but the roles and responsibilies will be the same.
With this move my virtusa email address will cease to exist. Please contact me on other email addresses.

Feb 1, 2008

Table Partitioning - Again

I wrote some time back about changing the identity property of an existing table.

The author of Inside SQL Server, Kalen Delaney wrote about it recently. As I used to read her blogs, I wrote a reply to that.

Interestingly, my friend and co worker Jude Pieries too wrote about the same feature in his article