Nov 16, 2005

What's New That's Not So New

SQL Server 2005 is finally out with a Lot of "new" things! People are so exited!
Microsoft has released the list of things that are new in SQL Server. One of the Nice feature is change of definition of Schema. Schema is no more refers to a user.
However, in practice most of the companies used the same technique. They created a dummy user and created the objects under that schema. Somewhere in 2000 when we faced same set of tables for two different - interconnected - systems (Accounts Payables and Accounts receivables) we came up with the mechanism of using schemas.

The application connects to the database based on the application user.

However, we had issues of db users connecting to server for gathering information. Some may search on wrong tables and tell us "The data I stored is missing".
However, those are simple issues and were resolved without much delay.

So is redefining schema a new concept. Yes and No. It is yes as at the database level it is redefined. No as it is the way the industry uses.

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