Jan 10, 2008

MCITP Certification

Finally after a long time last month I decided to do MCITP certification. Even though I had the confidence that I have the knowledge and experience in the areas covered, I was lazy to make my mind towards this exam.
However, as December is usually a low work period as many take their annual leave during this period, I decided to do this exam and also to encourage other DBAs in my department to do the same.
As I was able to get MCTS certification in 2006, it is only a matter of two exams. I did the first exam (70-443) on December 26, 2006 and the next one (70-444) today. The exams were not difficult but it expects the candidates to have wide knowledge and experience on the topics covered. With this exam Microsoft will declare me as a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional : Database Administrator.

70-443 had case studies and questions on case studies. It takes some level of concentration.
When compared to 70-443, 70-444 is a piece of cake. :)

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