Jul 16, 2008

Building a good Team

All my efforts of building a strong DBA team in my office seems to get into a good turn now. Finally, the third DBA of our three DBA team started writing articles to SQL related sites and they are publishing it. Even though I expect some room for improvement from this novice writer, it is a good start to have articles and question of the day from a well recognized site like SQL ServerCentral.com

Susantha is a Senior DBA from eCollege Lanka where we maintain 1 TB + database server system. Susantha’s hard work not only on office issues, but also on gaining and sharing technical knowledge is something to be recognized, and I am proud to have him in my team.

I hope to see him as a speaker in the Sri Lankan SQL Server user group meeting too.

BTW, I almost forgot to mention another achievement of the other DBA from our team. He recently published another short note on resolving issue: Unable to create TempDB. It was published at www.sswug.org. Additionally, he will be a speaker at Sri Lankan SQL Server User group meeting too. Come and see him on Wednesday the 16th July 2008.

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