Nov 2, 2010

Red gate labs

Red gate has opened its lab for public viewing!

It is web site, where the tools developed are available for download. They include
Log Shipping Monitor, SQL Backup to MTF Converter (which converts a red-gate backup to native SQL Server backup and Red Gate Snapper (that allows you to create SQL Compare snapshot files for SQL Server databases).

The lab does include tools for .Net developers. Red Gate Memory Tracker (analyzing application memory usage, including loaded libraries, system heap memory and .NET memory) and Diagnostic Tool (used to collect useful system information) will help serious developers.

These are tiny tools, which i believe Red-gate may include or have included with their products. Now these tools come as free downloads.
I haven't tested all the applications yet, (in fact I haven't tested any of them) but I feel that most of them are really useful.

Try this link

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