Aug 28, 2009

Log Shipping Issue

When we setup Log shipping manually it seems to be an easy task. But within a couple of days we were proved to be wrong. The log shipped database didn’t get the updates on time. Additionally we started receiving messages stating the log backup has failed. It took some time to identify the cause. All backups were set to start at the same time... So we manually changed the starting time so they started working fine.

Soon we faced the next situation: Since we have more than 60 databases, and setting them independently while giving enough room for log shipping to complete became a problem. Wither the time si not enough or we step into another log shipping time. Doing such a minute calculation was little costly for the operation we did, so we decided to live with this problem until the migration completes.

Do we have a solution for it. I think we have. We are planning to try that next week and I will update when we do that. Please keep your breath until then.

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