Aug 26, 2009

Database Migration

Today we completed migration of one of the database server (64 databases and around 200 GB of size with around 200 articles are replicated). The databases were moved to new server to a new hard disk location, with up to the minute data, logins, jobs and replication. Normally transferring the data will take a longer time. So we decided to adopt a new mechanism to make sure all databases are transferred while users are using the old server itself.

We used Log shipping to transfer the data.

There are a couple of things to learn from the experience. We had a couple of issues:
  • Unexpected server restart,
  • Failure of restore the tail log backup
  • Restore over an already restored database.
  • Replication failing constantly reporting "login failed for 'sa'".
With all these issues we were able to complete the tasks with 2 hours of downtime.

I am planning to write what we have done and lessons learned from all the issues for the next few days. Stay tuned!

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