Oct 6, 2009

Gift from Quest

Yesterday, When I came from home I had a pleasant surprise.
Exactly one month ago, I wrote a post on free online training on SQL Server which was hosted by Quest. As I participated and filled the survey, Quest decided to honer me by thanking for my participation.

Of course I learned from the participation, But Quest surprised me with added stuff. Even though I participated only on two sessions, I received a Cd with all the sessions they had on that day. In addition to that I got two banners one on SQL server dynamic management views and the other on catalog views. To add, I also got a T-shirt on my size.
Of course the packet included some marketing stuff as well, but it gave me some advantage. As it was categorized as marketing material it bypassed the customs.

I went though the CD, it had the presentations and some additional documents. REALLY COOL stuff.

In summary, I gained by participating (the knowledge), I am gaining by participating (the goodies) and I will be gaining by participating. (I filled the survey so that future training programs will be more beneficial.)

Are you guys thinking of participating at the next training program?

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