Jun 13, 2010

"She" is coming. .. I am excited. Are you?

For a change I am writing some thing different this time. This is not a technical article. As you can below, I have no tags to it.

What is her name? I don't know yet. But I know she is coming and I am excited about it.

If you are wondering who she is, I can tell you this: Even though I haven't seen her, I am sure she will be in her best, sexiest appearance when she appears. You are going to wait anxiously to see her coming and working in your office. You may want to work closely with her, see her internal organs and have complete control over her. Initially your office management will be scared / hesitated to take her in, but there is a high possibility she will make her way in. When she comes she will come with much “hosanna” from some, while some others will grumble about her. Those who grumble will find fault with the time she has taken to respond to the calls they have made, the way she is working and the time she takes to deliver results, and even how her internal organs are made. Interestingly only a few will grumble about her sexy appearance as everyone knows that there is no point in talking about it.

Even if she failed to join your firm, you will try to have some quality time with her. You may use your office and after office hours to gather information about her, listen from people who know her already and even make appointments to work with her. Sometimes you will work with her but mostly you will sit and watch when she is doing the hard work for you. Even though she may work very closely with you, she will remain a mystery for some time. Gradually you will start learning some secrets about her. You may be looking for a day to say at least this: “I know many things including some secrets about her”.

I am not sure about you, but I bet many like to have illegal relationship with her, as starting a legal relationship costs a lot these days, you know. Even though her parents will try to avoid these illegal relationships and she too will resist illegal relationships some may know how to get hold of her.

Initially no one will know her actual name, and the actual date she is going to join your firm. People will keep on guessing. Many will refer her with her pet name until they are used to the actual name.

Excited? Now I share the first secret I know about her: Her pet name is Denali

I need to caution you on this: As it happen often in other cases, when time goes, you may lose the excitement and even start looking for a new one.

Now it is time to share the next secret: Denali is the code name for the next version of SQL Server, Microsoft’s flagship database management system. Most probably you will see her coming to your place by next year. So better be ready soon.


Dinesh Priyankara said...

What made you to think Denali as "she" rather than "he" :) ? I have not seen "her" sexiest appearance, but your imagination is awesome.

Anyway, great article, the ability to describe a woman in this way is a gift and it is a rare quality in men :), though you actually descibe "our pet". Let's see how we can enjoy with Denali, in near future.

Gogula G. Aryalingam said...

Enough with all the excitement guys! :) Denali is the name of a National Park and Reserve in Alaska, also is the native name of a mountain in that reserve. If you go back to Katmai and Yukon; you can see that they were also named similar... Katmai - a national park also containing a mountain. Yukon - a territory in Canada which contains national parks. Even Shiloh (SQL Server 2008) is named after a national military park in Tennessee. Kilimanjaro (named after a mountain) - So you get the connection right?

Sorry to break to you like this, Preethi... We know how exciting you'd have been until now...

Preethiviraj Kulasingham said...

Hehe.. Still the name Dinali sounds feminine. Unlike Yukon or Kilimajaro (At least in our part of the country)

This is one of the code names reused by Microsoft. I was used for ASP earlier.

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