Jun 18, 2010

Susantha's Presentation on Powershell

As you may know, Susantha Bathige, a fellow DBA at eCollege, gave a great presentation on Windows Powershell 2.0 at the last SQL Server User Group meeting. He had a few hick-ups when he was starting as the laptop couldn't communicate well with the projector. Gogula shared his laptop, but it refused to listen to his commands properly.

On content, presentation style and confidence level Susantha made an impression. I recommend it to all DBAs, developers and IT pro members.

For those who couldn't participate can view the sample code and presentation at here.  The pictures taken were available at here (If you are wondering what I was doing when he was presenting, I was working as his assistant during his presentation.  I hope it would have helped Susantha to concentrate on the presentation while I was controlling Gogula's laptop.)

Congratulations Susantha.  It is very difficult to say that it was your first presentation.  Keep it up.

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