Feb 5, 2010

SQL Server Universe

Some of you have faced issues with SQL Server Universe. Com – the official site of SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group.   This is the site where all our user group activities are updated. There were a couple of limitations which prevented from uploading presentations,  new articles, pictures and many other things.  Now I have good news and bad news.  We were having these issues for couple of months.

Bad news first: The site is unavailable right now.  Earlier, at least you can view existing things and participate in forums.  Now nothing you can do other than reading a standard error page.

Now the good News: The site is going through an upgrade process. That is the reason it is offline right now.  I heard that the team had redesigned it using new version of community server, Due to this the site is currently unavailable.  Gogula and Wella are working on resolving it. Please keep on checking.  I heard that some of the features are not even available on our sister sites.

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