Feb 10, 2010

Tech Ed 2010 - Feedback

I need to share a couple of things which made me happy.
First,  the sessions: 
There are a couple of sessions purely for DBAs, well at least one session for people like me, who work with massive OLTP systems.
We really enjoyed a couple of sessions:
  • New Features in SQL Server 2008 R2
  • The history of the Log: Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Customizing Analysis Services Dimensions
  • The Other Side of SQL Server Index : Advance Solutions to Ancient Problem  
On top of these events, we had a special SQL Server User Group meeting too.  It was well attended. At the meeting, I was honored to get selected as one of the top posters at SQL Server Universe.com. (Sorry guys,  the site is still down) I was awarded with gifts, including a book of my choice on SQL Server.
Second, the speakers:
I met some good SQL Server guys and some guys who work with Windows.  It is a pleasure to have them. I met two guys from Solid Quality Mentors. One guy is  "P" NULL ... err.  I mean Pinal Dave. He is not only talented but also has a great sense of humor.  He is the one who writes at SQLAuthority.com - a blog which is read by thousands every day. I had quite a long chat with him,  where he even gave me feedback on my blog.  (Hurray...  He too reads my blog)

Even though the other guy looked familiar,  I couldn't recognize him immediately.  He is  Rushabh Mehta.  He is a mentor and managing director of Solid Quality Mentors (India) and president of PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) international.  By the way do you know the SQL Server Sri  Lanka user Group (SSSLUG) is the Sri Lankan Chapter of PASS?  (I am sorry,  I couldn't take a photo with him.  I suddenly got a call from office and I was forced to leave the room.)  But If I recall right Gogula took a few.  I hope he will upload them soon.

I also met a great guy from Microsoft HQ:  Brian Puhl. He is a technology architect at Microsoft (Redmond).

Third, the other participants

Summits like this always give an additional opportunity to meet the people you don't know, also gives a chance to meet some of your old friends. I met a whole heap of them.  I met some after a long period, it took some time to recognize some of them.  I need to admit, that on some people, I couldn't recall where I met before too.  I was an embarrassing situation..  It is also a sign that I am getting old :).  As usual, I told some developers about the openings available at eCollege. 

Forth, the crossword puzzle
 Don't tell anyone,  I was working with Gogula in putting up some crossword puzzles.  These puzzles were on display at MVP corner.  Out of the correct answers, they were selecting 3 lucky winners and present them a portable external hard drive (and many other gifts)
For me it a joy to see the participants working on puzzles. They were in groups trying to solve it.  Some were calling their friends and asking for possible answers.  Some were searching on the web and I saw a guy reading a book to solve a clue.    

Fifth, The winners 
I was thrilled to see ever smiling Iranja (from eCollege of course) showing me what he got as a winner. He solved the crossword and won the price.  I am not sure who created his crossword puzzle.  But if anyone thinks that you can get some clue about the answers, remember that the puzzle you get (or going to get) was not prepared by me.

If you have missed Tech Ed,  you still have a day. :)


Pinal Dave said...

Hi Preethi,

You are very tallented and I for sure read your blog. You may not realize but you are very popular and many people read your blog regulalary!

Many thanks for your kind words!

Kindest Regards,

Rushabh Mehta said...

Hi Preethi,

It was wonderful to get to meet you and other enthusiast at Tech Ed 2010, Sri Lanka and also at the User Group meeting. Keep up the great work in the community. I look forward to meeting you on my next trip to Colombo.



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