Feb 6, 2010

Tech Ed 2010.

Are you guys attending Tech Ed 2010?  Well I am attending and Excited about it too.

Generally,  In Sri Lanka, There is a lot of emphasis on Development side when it comes to Tech Ed.  This is nothing different.  But, some interesting things happening on SQL Server side too. We have four sessions on the first two days on SQL Server.  In addition to that there is one session on Excel, which is useful for those who work with analysis services.  So, you will have totally five sessions connected SQL Server all during the first two days.  Two guys from Solid Quality Learning (Not Kimberly Tripp or Paul Randal, but from the same organization) are coming here.  They are From India.

Added on February 09, 2010
Correction:  A Couple of errors in this statement: First of all, Rushabh_Mehta and Pinal Dave are from Solid Quality Mentors.  Additionally, I was informed that neither Kimberly L. Tripp nor Paul Randal are from Solid Quality Mentors. Unfortunately I got a presentation from web by Kimberly Tripp,  where on one of the slides she was connected to Solid Quality Learning. I got the words mentors and learning mixed up. As I knew she and Paul work together I wrongly assumed that they were working there.  Sorry guys,  My sincere apologies. 

Want to get confused more?
Interestingly, when I searched for her connection with Solid Quality Learning, I found a another link saying Kalen Delaney is from Solid Quality Learning. But When I searched for www.SolidQualityLearning.com, my browser was redirected to Solid Quality Mentors.

You can view the agenda here.

I’ll say, in addition to the scheduled topics, we have some additions.  SQL Server Sri Lanka User group meeting is scheduled on the first day, after the sessions. (Even if you can’t attend the summit, you can attend this session.)   You can raise any questions you want to raise.

I also heard that the MVPs will have a stall and having some competitions there.  There is a good chance of winning some great prices.  (Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone. MVPs are keeping it as a secret until the first day, but some of the things they are going to give are close to one hundred dollars.). Things include (oops…. Sorry I am not supposed to tell that)… 

Interested in attending the summit, but struggling with the workload? You can attend only for a day.  Microsoft is issuing day passes, so you can attend only for a day.

I will be there.  Will you?

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