Sep 21, 2009

IIS Database Manager

Microsoft is trying its very best to make the life of developers easier especially on the database side. Earlier it came with visual database tool, then with LINQ and now it has released the Release Candidate (RC) of IIS database Manager. This product allows developers and system administrators to easily manage the database servers both local and remote to be managed easily and faster. It can run on any Windows 2008 server if you have IIS 7 installed (and IIS Manager). This is specific product for SQL Server and uses SQL Server Native Client 2008. (If you don’t have it right now, don’t worry, during installation it will ask for you permission to download it.)

These are some of the links which may help you all to ready further about the product

Using IIS Database Manager:

Download IIS Manager Release Candidate (32 bit):

Download IIS Manager Release Candidate (64 bit):

The above links have links to many more pages to read:

I am planning to use it in the future if it seems productive for our environment. We are starting the evaluation…

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