Sep 5, 2009

Scheduling Database Backups: Need a Solution

Recently we had this issue.

We have a huge database server with 2.5 TB of database space. The server has 8 GB of RAM and two dual core processors. It also has a not so good storage device. Due to the limitations in RAM and hard disk, (the disks are really slow) we were facing a problem in taking full backups.

Initially, the database server had a set of jobs, each one was starting on 5th of every month at 2:00 am. It created a whole heap of issues, including too many (is 59 a big number?) backup jobs starting at the same time causing each one blocking the other due to memory crunch and hard disk bottleneck.

So we decided to schedule the task one after the other. We also scheduled it to happen on a weekend of the moth. (example: First Saturday) We did a calculation on hard disk speed and database size and schedule the jobs to start at different times. For the first month everything worked nicely. But when the databases started growing, it forced us to reschedule the backup jobs. Can we reschedule the jobs every month? Currently we have 29 servers to maintain and some have more databases. If we don’t re schedule the jobs we may face one of the two scenarios (actually both scenarios)

  1. Before a database backup is completed, the second one starts and creates memory and disk contention.
  2. One backup completes earlier than expected but the next backup waits until its time comes.
We also had another issue: most of the databases are inter-connected so the backup jobs need to be completed one after the other. As some of the databases are really huge, the backup jobs pass the 24 hour time frame. It created another issue for scheduling backups.

 How to solve the issue?

Please come up with your solutions.

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